Kelsey Kindsvogel
I was born in raised in Hoquiam WA, and always thought that I would grow up and be a dental hygienist. You may ask why, but the answer is simple, I wanted to be exactly like my most favorite babysitter in the whole world. Little did I understand at the time what it truly would have meant to have to clean peoples teeth. 
Since I was little I have always had a love to create and design things. I loved to spend hours building lego towns and days finishing a coloring book. I never viewed school as a place to learn, I always thought that it was a place to spend time with friends and create new art. As I grew older I started to spend a lot of time working with children; I babysat and I worked in my church nursery and loved it.
Teaching hadn't crossed my mind until I moved to Corvallis OR in 2007. Starting out in a new town was difficult for me at first, and when our neighbors came by to introduce themselves I felt more comfortable. They had three children and were always looking for babysitter. For almost four years now I have worked for this family. Through my experience with their children I realized that teaching was a future that I actually got excited about. 
In my new high school in Corvallis I was given an opportunity to work in a preschool that was ran on campus. Through the two years of experience I had working in that class room I realized that I wanted to become a teacher, not only that but I was excited! When it came to choosing a college Western Oregon University was the only answer. It was know for it's teaching program and conveniently only 30 minutes from home. 
Here I am today, I am in my second year at Western and I am moving toward my goal as an elementary school teacher. I am still as excited about teaching as I was 2 years ago, and I am excited to see what amazing things we will learn this term in Ed 270!

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