Kelsey Kindsvogel

One Favorite Spot:

Cannon Beach Oregon has been my favorite place to visit ever since I was a little girl! I believe Haystack rock is beautiful and I love visiting the Christian Conference Center there!

Another Favorite Spot:

Lake Quinalt WA is one of my favorite places to visit! The lake is beautiful and there is always cool wildlife around (elk, bear, etc...)!
There are many fun things to do at Lake Quinalt. You can go kayaking, go on a hike, or just watch the gorgeous land! 

A Familiar Favorite Spot:


Growing up my family attended a Church that met in Pacific Beach WA,  and I have great memories of spending time in the beach with family and friends. The town my not be flashy or fancy, but it hold many memories and had a wonderful beach!

A Spot Worth Remembering:

Westport WA has been a "go to spot" ever since I was a little kid. To this day my grandma takes takes us there when we visit her. I think it's the Beach that I really have gotten to know the best! In the summer Westport has all sorts of things happening and they also have there own little Maritime Museum.

My Most Favorite Spot:

My Most favorite place in the Whole world is My grandparents house in Hoquiam WA! I grew up next door to my grandparents and spent most my childhood at there house! They Live on a beautiful river called the "East Hoquiam River".
Elayne Evans

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