Kelsey Kindsvogel

Technology page. On this page, I want you to reflect on the role of technology in education.


What is the role of technology in education?
  • I believe technology has a huge role in education. From creating handouts in word to creating videos, technology has integrated itself into classrooms. Students are being raised in a world were computers, and fancy phones have always been. They learn about technology and at an early age, and I believe schools need to be prepared to expand their knowledge on technology. This is going to take teachers that are continually being educated on new technology.

What modern classroom technology interests or excites you? What do you like or want to use? Why?
  • I think it will be interesting to see what new technology comes out in the next few years. At this point I like working with a class web page, and I think that the survey clicker things are cool. Besides that, I think I will stick to the old school power-point and word. The smart boards are intimidating, though the dot cam was simple enough. I think I'm going to keep my classroom as simple as possible. Maybe schools can create a class fro students to learn all about technology, and save the crazy, cool, complicated stuff for there. 

What classroom technology frustrates you? What wouldn’t you want to use students? Why?
  • Having each student have an ipod in class could be complicated and distracting. The smart boards are really neat, but they make my brain hurt. I'm sure if I worked with them for a moment it would be fine, but I just think it's too much complication. Having computers available for my class would be ideal, and having the opportunity to use the survey clicker things in the class room would be great. At this point those are the tools that i can see myself using successfully in a classroom.